Make No Mistake: ‘Equality’ Is Genocide

The Frankfurter Schule, cradle of cultural marxism

The Frankfurter Schule, cradle of cultural marxism

The trends are simply catastrophic. The US faces a white minority as soon as 2050. Europe the same from the sixties and onwards. By the end of the century the white race will have ceased to be of any relevance at all.

There is mass immigration on the one hand, already up to 15% of European populations are immigrants, and the trinity of sexual ‘liberation’, feminism and the homolobby, which have plummeted white reproduction into a suicidal crisis. All white nations face a demographic catastrophy in the coming decades, with populations aging and shrinking.

There are many supporting myths: ‘overpopulation’, for instance, a total non issue that only has some attraction because of the insane injustice of Capitalism. Or white guilt, not completely without merit, but suicide never solved anything and the other races are no better at all.

This is just the result of 40, mayby 50 years of incessant social engineering. These trends are exponential and what we are already witnessing is only the beginning after a slow start. Another 40 years of this and it may be too late.

Make no mistake: they are genociding the white race. Us.

This is the ‘love’ behind all the ‘equality’ memes.

It has nothing to do with blaming women, or immigrants or whoever, they are just being used as tools. Pawns in a game. We all are. There is no blame and discussing memes that just further the agenda is not ‘blame’ or ‘hate’ or ‘homophobia’ or ‘anti-semite’.

These are serious issues and discuss them we must. We are all responsible for our own emotions. All we can do is maintain a reasonable discourse and this is easy when we maintain a clear view of our common humanity.

Bilderbergers Panicking?

The Marriot Hotel in Copenhagen, venue of the 2014 Bilderberg meeting

The Marriot Hotel in Copenhagen, venue of the 2014 Bilderberg meeting

Bilderberger Agenda Revealed: Elites Desperate To Save Unipolar World

This is an interesting article from infowar’s Paul Joseph Watson, saying the Bilderbergers are upset with Russia and fear the end of a unipolar world with the rise of the BRICS.

Perhaps this is so: Bilderberg is a Western confab and are basically executives of the American Empire.

Still, rest assured Jewish Capital is organizing the BRICS and the Sjanghai Cooperation Organization too. Their intellectuals are writing the books about the inevitability of Sino-Russian Entente in the face of the EU/American Challgenge.

Jewish money owns the Russian Economy and is fully aligned with the Chinese Mandarins.

Undoubtedly, long standing strategy is coming to fruition in these trends and while it’s pleasant to see the American Empire falling, there is no reason to be unduly optimistic about what they intend as a replacement.

Heaven on Earth

It's Ascension Day

It’s Ascension Day

Well……they’re both actually.

We must first learn to live in the Kingdom before we can help manifest it on Earth. The brutality of the human condition is a symptom of insufficient harmony with the Heavens.

And I have high hopes. Because what we are witnessing could well be a prelude to an age of much improved awareness of the One.

In my own life I very much experience it. My awareness of Spirit and slowly learning to live and harmonize with it is certainly growing and the great joy of my life.

I see it all around me too. People have their own personal theory about the whole thing, their own words, and they act on it. It’s not ‘religious’, many are actually vehemently anti-religious.

Both the words and the actions can vary hugely between different people, but the underlying faith in an inner reality does seem the common theme.

This trend has been preceded by another, still ongoing issue: much improved psychological awarenss. The importance of emotions and what they represent. The need to be in contact with our emotions, to heal old trauma, release old pain.

Still much needs to be done, but it’s certainly a hugely important development. Only 150 years ago people thought infants should be left on wooden shelves, even without a blanket, and ignored when crying! High infant mortality rates in Britain were probably mainly caused by this horrible fate awaiting the new born.

With this has come a marked improvement of empathy towards each other. Still life is pretty brutal, of course, but it is a very palpable development.

All this will ultimately most assuredly translate in first a rejection of authoritarianism and next the rebuilding of society through more compassionate and charitable arrangements.

The Barren Wasteland Of Lesbian Feminism

A girl victimized by the scourge of Cultural Marxism

A girl victimized by the scourge of Cultural Marxism and ready to spread her infectuous affliction.

This is the total wasteland it all leads to. These are the fine mothers we all miss out on if we don’t make equality for three way lesbian marriage a societal priority.

This girl needs huge spanking (if she never had any) or huge compassion (if she’s had too much spanking as a kid). The last thing she needs is ‘equality’, or more scope for her ‘demands’.

It also shows the not-so-gay lobby, abortion and feminism are indeed One. The cankerous masonic watchword of ‘equality’ boring away at the last remnants of the family. Plunging White societies everywhere into demographic catastrophe. Destroying the lives of countless people whose minds are infected with this evil insanity. Or of those living with them.

But, you see, feminism is about ‘love’ of women. Tavistock Institute is really concerned with homosexuals. Planned Parenthood just wants to save children from an unworthy life. The Mainstream Media’s moral outrage about ‘intolerance’ is real. The EU honestly has a bleeding heart for those poor immigrants.

We have believed these lies because we are gullible and naive and because we are brainwashed from the cradle. Because our tender hearts want to believe in catchy phrases like ‘love’, ‘equality’ and ‘progressiveness’. We don’t want to be ‘reactionary’, ‘racist’, ‘homophobe’ or ‘misogynist’.

But in Nature everything has its place. The pursuit of happiness involves taking our place, no more, no less. Only then things can balance out and this balance is not static, but dynamic. An endless search.

‘Equality’ robs some of some of their place and gives others too much. Its intent is to disturb, to destroy. And it works wonders in that regard.

It’s not before time that we are waking up to this nightmarish assault on our dignity. On our future.

Moving Mountains

This is some pretty impressive stuff, a guy moving around 20 tonnes stone or concrete objects, raising them and puting them on top of each other.

Wally Wallington has a simple technique by which he moves huge blocks, all alone, 300 feet per hour.

It’s all done with wood and rope. By himself.

He basically shows a way in which Stonehenge could have been built by a hand full of men in a short while.

It reminds a little of Coral Castle, built by the reclusive Edward Leedskalnin. He built a huge project, involving 1,100 tonnes of limestone. His biggest stone was 30 tonnes and he worked completely alone. It took him 28 years to get it all done. He claimed to have known the way the Egyptians built the Pyramids and built Coral Castle to prove it.

Unfortunately he never disclosed his method. Perhaps understandable during life, but why on Earth not leave a note in his will explaining the whole thing? Why take such a treasure to the grave?

Michael Tellinger theorizes it was done with sound frequencies, certain frequencies can lift certain objects, this in fact has been proven in laboratories. Tellinger points at an Australian who boiled water with sound frequencies, theoretically providing ultra cheap energy. This man also died trying to take his secrets with him to the other side.

Be that as it may, there is both a fascination for ancient high tech and modern low tech and even today even the simplest of innovations can move mountains.



The Hate Of The Left

The Way of the One is not 'Equality', but Charity.

The Way of the One is not ‘Equality’, but Charity.

Pretending to ‘love’ homosexuals and women, feminists, homo-campaigners and the porn industry are simply hating on what is shown in the picture.

And their hate is devastating our society.

Up to 50% of marriages in the US are now failing. Millions of children throughout the West are robbed from their father or even never know him. Untold numbers of defenseless babies have been aborted. Millions of people have been seduced to a life of dysfunction, promiscuity, homosexuality, loneliness as a result of rebellion against Nature.

The State aims at completely destroying the family, disconnecting sex from procreation and gain control over child rearing and even birth.

People resisting the agenda are more and more openly oppressed, losing their jobs, facing arrest. The ease with which the politically correct degenerate into the most atrocious namecalling and ‘threats’ is disgusting and just shows what kind of psychosis underlies their social beliefs.

The astounding hypocrisy of the leftists, howlering about poor little oppressed women and homosexuals is gut wrenching, especially once they have been introduced to the devastating facts as a result of the implementation of their beliefs.

The right has degenerated into mindless Bible thumping and law based religion, wholly comfortable to the PtB, because unacceptable to spiritual people. And mainly based on the Old Testamental and thus hardly Christian.

The unbelievable human misery resulting from sexual ‘liberation’ can only be solved with Spirit and the Spirit is for grounded observation and such observation cannot be blind to the fate of the children.

There is a Natural Order and our task is to harmonize with it. In Nature there is no Equality, there is only difference. The One manifests in many ways and has a plan for each of His creations.

The Way of the One is not ‘Equality’, but Charity.

The EU And Faux ‘Far Right Populism’

Geert Wilders lost the election, notwithstanding his anti EU rhetoric. The real opposition simply stayed home.

Geert Wilders lost the election, notwithstanding his anti EU rhetoric. The real opposition simply stayed home.

Only 38% of the Dutch electorate went to vote for the EU Parliament.

In 2005, the Netherlands voted with 62% against the referendum for the EU Constitution. This was famously ignored in the Lisbon treaty.

It looks like the same 62% stayed home yesterday.

The Telegraph is explaining low voter turn out with the bad economy.

But that masks a much deeper malaise: the EU simply lacks legitimacy.

Alexander Pechtold

Alexander Pechtold

Geert Wilders, expected to win the election, was defeated by a number of mainstream parties, including the D66, led by Bilderberger Pechtold, widely expected to be Holland’s next Prime Minister and the Christian Democrats, boring ‘centrist’ who have been at the heart of NWO policy implementation for decades.

Wilders was expected to do well, because of his anti-EU rhetoric. But it seems the real opposition saw the futility of voting. Voting, even for an ostensibly anti-EU party, is simply saying the system works.

Wilders, a fanatical Zionist, has been polluting the much needed anti mass immigration debate with virulent Islam bashing and more and more open racism. Recently, at a get together with his followers, he rhetorically asked: ‘Do you want more or less Moroccans?’, after which his people chanted: ‘Less! Less! Less!’.

While it keeps the chattering classes, including the Main Stream Media, busy, it just helps the divide and conquer game for which mass immigration exists to begin with.

These antics make him unacceptable to civilized people, disenfranchising them in this most crucial of issues and fracturing the opposition. Undoubtedly, this is the main reason why he exists and not to win elections and actually do something about both the EU and mass immigration. Both are fundamental in the NWO’s strategy.

Farage of England’s UKIP is a better campaigner, but he too has clear links to Zionist pressure groups. His economic policies are libertarian, promising only more hardship for his working class consituency. He, nor Wilders, will go even close to the monetary system. To his credit, he’s very lukewarm to both not-so-gay marriage and feminism.

But his main ‘raison d’etre’ seems to be to fracture the right: EU scepticism in Britain has been the Eurocrat’s (and Whitehall’s) bane for decades. It seems far from unlikely that, if UKIP continues to grow like it does, it will shatter Conservative election hopes. Labor can then bring Britain in the Euro and continue the rape of the British Isles with devastating mass immigration. Whites are expected to be a minority in only decades, with current immigration rates.

EU and Mass Immigration are One
The fight against the EU and mass immigration are indeed One: Coudenhove-Kalergi, founder of the Pan European Movement, Jewish, and considered by Eurocrats to have fathered the EU, insisted that a Pan European Movement needed mass immigration to destroy European Whites:
“The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples and the diversity of individuals. Instead of destroying European Judaism, Europe, against her will, refined and educated this people, driving them to their future status as a leading nation through this artificial evolutionary process. It’s not surprising that the people that escaped from the Ghetto-Prison, became the spiritual nobility of Europe. Thus, the compassionate care given by Europe created a new breed of aristocrats. This happened when the European feudal aristocracy crashed because of the emancipation of the Jews [due to the actions taken by the French Revolution] “

But the EU is moving forward more due to inertia than anything else. The 2005 referendum (besides the Netherlands, France voted 55% no, Ireland 53% no) was never repeated. France and the Netherlands are core countries in the EU and they need our vote. They need us to love our slavery.

And this love is not forthcoming.

This is the crisis that the EU faces and that everybody, including the faux ‘opposition’ of the right, prefers to dance around.

For as long as they can afford it.


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This article was written for Henry Makow.

Market Garden And Bilderberg

This scoundrel is still revered by the Dutch who lived through the war. If only they knew........

This scoundrel is still revered by the Dutch who lived through the war. If only they knew……..

Bilderberg’s silent takeover of Britain’s $ 60 billion defense budget

In this intriguing article, Tony Gosling of establishes a clear link between Montgomery’s Market Garden disaster and the founding of the Bilderberg group in Oosterbeek, near Arnhem, ten years later, in 1954.

It was Bernhard who sent double agent King Kong to warn the Germans and ‘Lord’ Peter Carrington, later chair of the Bilderbergers, halted the Allies’ advance (Market) that could have saved John Frost and his men (Garden), holding Arnhem’s bridge at terrible cost.

I live near Arnhem’s city center, only a few miles from Oosterbeek. The Bilderberg hotel is still there, I actually was there once, to hand out the trophy to the winner of the Dutch Veteran’s Chess Championship.

The war has always fascinated me, the Battle of Arnhem in particular. The old city center was completely demolished and replaced with typically poor post war architecture. It’s a scar that will never go away. It’s still palpable every day.

The massive church in the center was rebuilt with inferior materials and had to be restaurated again in the eighties. That restauration failed too and it needs to be done for a third time now. But there is no money. It all went to the Bankers for their bailouts. The Dutch economy is groaning under austerity.

So did Bernhard come back to Oosterbeek to found Bilderberg like a criminal returning to the place of the crime? Gosling certainly seems to be on to something.


Usury? No Thanks!

Usury is Babylon

Usury is Babylon

No Usury is no poverty, no environmental destruction, no war, no Plutocracy, no World Government, no bankers, no Transnationals, no Jewish Question, no unbearable wealth inequality, no police state, no terrorism, no poisoned foods, no Big Pharma cartel, no chemtrailing, no Tsunami bombs, no World War 3, no slimy talking heads, no break down of the family, no mass immigration, no Capitalism, or Marxism, no wage slavery.

Interest-free credit for normal people is self employment, a 20 hour working week, twice our current living standards, fairness and justice in the economy, abundance, a small state, small and medium business, land reform, time and money for real art, time for each other, for the Spirit, health, respect for nature, an architectural boom beyond imagining, Peace, Freedom and Justice all in one.

Babylon is Usury! We want interest-free money!

Why Do People Have Difficulty Seeing The Jewish Question?

Jewish Elites hold dominating positions in all countries. Their combined influence is hegemonic on a global level.

Jewish Elites hold dominating positions in all countries. Their combined influence is hegemonic on a global level.

Consider this.

The American Empire is widely seen as the Hegemon in the world, albeit in decline.

The US has about 5% of the globe’s population and 20% of its economy. This is enough to dominate. Why?

If for instance a strong nation like France is dealing with the US, it’s the same as a normal man dealing with a 30 foot giant, the size of a house.

Clearly we’d deal with such a giant with huge trepidation. We’d be anxious not to piss him off. If we are dealing with him constantly in all sorts of fora, we’d quickly fall under his influence, avoiding to hurt his interests or even feelings. When dealing with others, the question what the big guy would think of it would always be on our minds.

Two great powers in their own sphere, Germany and Japan, tried to go their own way, but got hammered simultaneously by our giant and since then they are both its vassals. As a result the whole of Europe is too and this is why America’s power is supreme.

Just as America is the strongest faction in a world of competing national powers, the Jews are the strongest faction vying for power within the American Nation. Its foreign policy is dominated by AIPAC. Dual citizens hold key positions in the American Government. Nobody can remember when the last Gentile presided over the Federal Reserve Bank. Jews are a very strong force in the media.

Still, when making the point that Jews are extraordinarily powerful, many will say ‘but there are Gentile bankers too’. ‘There are Gentile criminals involved in all shady dealings’.

But it is undoubtedly fair to say the Jews hold a hegemonic position in the powergames of US politics, similar to America’s place in the world.

Furthermore, the Jews are not only strong in the US, but in all white nations. Britain, France, the Netherlands, Russia.

The diaspora is their greatest strength. When local elites are dealing with Jewish influence, they feel the same overbearing power that smaller nations feel when dealing with America. Because the Jewish power is international and this power is backing their local scheming.

Jewish Usury
YHVH strongly insists that Jews conquer the world with usurious lending in Deutoronomy.

Jewish Usury has been the bane of Gentile communities for millennia. For instance, the Magna Carta reads:

“10. If one who has borrowed from the Jews any sum, great or small, die before that loan be repaid, the debt shall not bear interest while the heir is under age, of whomsoever he may hold; and if the debt fall into our hands, we will not take anything except the principal sum contained in the bond.

11. And if anyone die indebted to the Jews, his wife shall have her dower and pay nothing of that debt; and if any children of the deceased are left under age, necessaries shall be provided for them in keeping with the holding of the deceased; and out of the residue the debt shall be paid, reserving, however, service due to feudal lords; in like manner let it be done touching debts due to others than Jews.”

A few years after this pivotal document, the Jews were expelled from England.

The nay-sayers will say that the Jews were used by the King to sheer the flock. And this is true: the Kings taxed the Jews and thus got their share of the plunder. In this sense the Jews were only the second power in the realm.

But the point is that the Jews were second in all realms. And they were working together, whereas the Kings were not only competing with the Jews, but also with each other.

Compound interest makes it unavoidable that the richest own everything within generations. And this is indeed what happened.

Jewish Usury morphed into banking and Capitalism and now undoubtedly rules. All banks own each other, it’s one global monopoly, able to strongarm any competitor. They also own 80% of all Transnationals and a great deal of land.

Once we see that hegemony does not imply there are no competing powers, the idea that there are also non-Jewish partners in crime loses its strength. Combined with the fact that Jews hold strong positions in all white nations, it becomes irrelevant.

Jewry operates as one globally. The diaspora fits hand in glove with their international finance.

It is obviously true that the Jewish masses are not consciously involved. They are often the prime victims of their (and our) supremacist masters.

But Organized Jewry is taking us for a ride to a very dark place and the sooner both the Jewish and the Gentile common man wakes up to this, the better it is.

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