The Spirit

Fruits of the Spirit

Fruits of the Spirit

Without the Spirit, the situation is hopeless. That much is clear.

Who hate Christ the most? The Jews, of course. In the Talmud they explain he’s in hell, boiling in his own excrement.

In the Protocols (the final one) they simply state: ‘we will do away with Christ’. 

In another Protocol they mention Darwin, Marx and Nietzsche as their own. Their common theme? Theories that make God superfluous.

People currently holding atheist views are right of course: religion sucks. But they fall for the same hoax as the believers: the idea that priests, mullahs and vicars represent God.

Obviously, they don’t. Law based religion (the idea that you are saved when you do this or that) is antithetical to the Spirit. That’s the essence of Christ’s ferocious battles with the Pharisees.

Christ, as did the Buddha and Lao Tse, wanted direct interaction between Him (Spirit incarnate) and his Children. You.

If you are in the phase of non-belief, don’t worry.

He still believes in you.


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