What is Fascism?



Tomato Bubble, notwithstanding his many good points, is actually indicative of what is so wrong with the alternative media: a lousy appreciation of political economy and philosophy.

Now he’s explaining fascism is ‘a very sensible system’.

What is Fascism? Strong State, strong ties to privately owned Big Business and Banking.

What is Marxism? Strong State, Nationalized Industry and Banking.

Both are extended forms of Capitalism: Cartelized Big Business owned by the Banking Cartel.

Throughout the West we already have pseudo Fascism and Marxism. Europe is more Marxist, the US is more Fascist. Russia is decidedly Fascist.

So if you want more State, more Monopoly, less Community, less Individual Freedom, then go for it people!

Tomato Bubble, What is Fascism?


3 thoughts on “What is Fascism?

  1. Hi Anthony,
    Primarily for Fascism to be in place there must be a solitary dictator who rules alone ala Hitler, Mussolini and Franco. Pinochet was the last Fascist.

    All we have today is Bolshevik Marxist Jew Communism in different shades of red whether it be USA, Britain, Europe, Russia or China. Where the Jew Rothschild controlled banks rule there you will find Bolshevik Marxism.

    Putin has just outlawed any revisionist history re WW2 including Holocaust denial – that tells us everything we need to know about Putin.


    • Have to disagree with that, Anthony.

      For Fascism to be in place Obama would have to remove Congress and the Senate and rule from the White House alone with his entourage and likewise Cameron would have to abolish Parliament and The House of Lords and rule from Downing Street with his entourage. Then we would have two Fascists dictating and there wouldn’t be any exporting of jobs, nor any bombing of people into democracy. Democracy is an anathema to Fascists.

      “Democracy is indispensable to Socialism.” – V. I. Lenin

      “Socialism leads to Communism.” – Karl Marx

      What we have is Jewish Bolshevik Marxism or Corporate Communism (Neocons) based upon the Chinese model. Whether they be democrat or republican – lib, lab or con it makes no difference.

      For Fascism to exist in Britain you will have to show me some examples of nationalism, for all I see and hear is diversity, multiculturalism, free trade BS and internationalism i.e. Jew Bolshevik Marxism.


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