Why Demonize?

Demonizing Pedophilia

Demonizing Pedophilia

I don’t agree at all.

No demonization necessary.

I’m appalled by the fact that the State willfully allows and actually de facto encourages horrendous abuse of pedophiles in American jails.

What is even more shocking, is the mindless bloodlust of the masses, who always cheer these terrible crimes.

When the wave of demonization reaches full force, people will start to say: “oh, it’s not THAT bad”, and the pendulum will swing the other way. This can be used by the adversary to create acceptance. It’s an old Taoist trick: if you want to get rid of something, make it bigger. So if you want to make pedophilia acceptable, demonization is a viable strategy.

Why not just a balanced approach? Pedophiles have serious psychological problems and were often abused themselves. We need to break the vicious cycle. There are no winners, only losers.

I do of course agree that people in places of power should be handled more severely. Power comes with responsibility and its abuse must be guarded against. But for them too, physical integrity in jail is a human right and a societal duty.


One thought on “Why Demonize?

  1. Hello. I agree with the general sentiment of your post, but I have a clarification that I’d like to make. You said “Pedophiles have serious psychological problems and were often abused themselves. We need to break the vicious cycle.”

    The vicious cycle you speak of refers to child abusers, and it IS true that many abuse perpetrators were also victims at some point. That is certainly something worth addressing. However, there is no evidence to suggest that being a victim of child abuse is the cause of pedophilia (the attraction) itself. Current research does not know what actually causes the sexual attraction to children, much like it does not know what causes someone to be gay or straight.


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