Usury? No Thanks!

Usury is Babylon

Usury is Babylon

No Usury is no poverty, no environmental destruction, no war, no Plutocracy, no World Government, no bankers, no Transnationals, no Jewish Question, no unbearable wealth inequality, no police state, no terrorism, no poisoned foods, no Big Pharma cartel, no chemtrailing, no Tsunami bombs, no World War 3, no slimy talking heads, no break down of the family, no mass immigration, no Capitalism, or Marxism, no wage slavery.

Interest-free credit for normal people is self employment, a 20 hour working week, twice our current living standards, fairness and justice in the economy, abundance, a small state, small and medium business, land reform, time and money for real art, time for each other, for the Spirit, health, respect for nature, an architectural boom beyond imagining, Peace, Freedom and Justice all in one.

Babylon is Usury! We want interest-free money!


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