The Hate Of The Left

The Way of the One is not 'Equality', but Charity.

The Way of the One is not ‘Equality’, but Charity.

Pretending to ‘love’ homosexuals and women, feminists, homo-campaigners and the porn industry are simply hating on what is shown in the picture.

And their hate is devastating our society.

Up to 50% of marriages in the US are now failing. Millions of children throughout the West are robbed from their father or even never know him. Untold numbers of defenseless babies have been aborted. Millions of people have been seduced to a life of dysfunction, promiscuity, homosexuality, loneliness as a result of rebellion against Nature.

The State aims at completely destroying the family, disconnecting sex from procreation and gain control over child rearing and even birth.

People resisting the agenda are more and more openly oppressed, losing their jobs, facing arrest. The ease with which the politically correct degenerate into the most atrocious namecalling and ‘threats’ is disgusting and just shows what kind of psychosis underlies their social beliefs.

The astounding hypocrisy of the leftists, howlering about poor little oppressed women and homosexuals is gut wrenching, especially once they have been introduced to the devastating facts as a result of the implementation of their beliefs.

The right has degenerated into mindless Bible thumping and law based religion, wholly comfortable to the PtB, because unacceptable to spiritual people. And mainly based on the Old Testamental and thus hardly Christian.

The unbelievable human misery resulting from sexual ‘liberation’ can only be solved with Spirit and the Spirit is for grounded observation and such observation cannot be blind to the fate of the children.

There is a Natural Order and our task is to harmonize with it. In Nature there is no Equality, there is only difference. The One manifests in many ways and has a plan for each of His creations.

The Way of the One is not ‘Equality’, but Charity.


5 thoughts on “The Hate Of The Left

  1. Indeed Anthony! There is a reason why the US Council of Churches only supported faiths which focused on the Old Testament which is infitnitely apart from the teachings of Jesus.

    Families are also destroyed also via destruction of the strong male protecting his family against foes and the follies of propaganda. The “empowerment” of the females is a scam – they want to isolate everybody – in the end they want to “emancipate” the child who can just turn on their single mother when any discipline and viewpoint goes against the State’s doctrine.

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  2. We are all poisoned, Right, Left, Spiritualists, Hedonists… Even men and women of goodwill can’t breathe normality nowadays. All of us have grown up within this Realm of Evil, Air of Evil, Fallen World. I am afriad we all have to die first – because, willingly or not, we all propagate our sickness… Then – new Eve? Adam?.. Who knows… His Mistical Bride and Christ Himself…
    We should pray, I think…

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    • The Realm of Evil began in The Garden with the fall and the strangle hold has taken nearly 6,000 years to become this tight. It is tighter now and more encompassing than its ever been, hence people of goodwill are either hard to find or they have had all their goodness strangled out of them. The return of Yashua Messiah is the only answer and the only real remedy. Not long now.

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  3. Yup these values are eating away at society and must be addressed sooner rather than later.
    That means actually taking a stand and not caring if it is popular or not to save your loved ones.
    Definitely the values being pumped are Anti-Christian in preparation of the Anti-Christ.

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