Heaven on Earth

It's Ascension Day

It’s Ascension Day

Well……they’re both actually.

We must first learn to live in the Kingdom before we can help manifest it on Earth. The brutality of the human condition is a symptom of insufficient harmony with the Heavens.

And I have high hopes. Because what we are witnessing could well be a prelude to an age of much improved awareness of the One.

In my own life I very much experience it. My awareness of Spirit and slowly learning to live and harmonize with it is certainly growing and the great joy of my life.

I see it all around me too. People have their own personal theory about the whole thing, their own words, and they act on it. It’s not ‘religious’, many are actually vehemently anti-religious.

Both the words and the actions can vary hugely between different people, but the underlying faith in an inner reality does seem the common theme.

This trend has been preceded by another, still ongoing issue: much improved psychological awarenss. The importance of emotions and what they represent. The need to be in contact with our emotions, to heal old trauma, release old pain.

Still much needs to be done, but it’s certainly a hugely important development. Only 150 years ago people thought infants should be left on wooden shelves, even without a blanket, and ignored when crying! High infant mortality rates in Britain were probably mainly caused by this horrible fate awaiting the new born.

With this has come a marked improvement of empathy towards each other. Still life is pretty brutal, of course, but it is a very palpable development.

All this will ultimately most assuredly translate in first a rejection of authoritarianism and next the rebuilding of society through more compassionate and charitable arrangements.


One thought on “Heaven on Earth

  1. The point of the Covenant made by YHWH (Exodus, Leviticus,Deuteronomy, Numbers) IS to create heaven on earth, but through not love, not feelings and beliefs, but through actions.

    Genesis is a book of Gnosticism – What kind of god would not want us to know good from evil? Certainly not the God of Moses.

    Many Utopians believe in the myth of Eden, that if we get rid of fixed concepts of Good and Evil we may return.

    Too many people, seeing the proliferation of Jews doing bad things therefore throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    What is wrong with stoning murderers? Why not set an example?

    And is the fault of Christianity that it tries to be compassionate to those things our God hates? This would explain to me how our societies have nurtured monsters that have destroyed us at home through immorality, and weakened us abroad through senseless wars for some sham Israel.


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