The Insane Tyranny Of Britain’s Child ‘Protection’ Services

Martin Cardinal, the soulless monster enforcing Britain's demonic family laws

Martin Cardinal, the soulless monster enforcing Britain’s demonic family laws

The Mothers Jailed For Waving To Their Children

Where is the outrage? How is it possible that we have degenerated to such depths? Why cannot people see what insane tyranny is already the norm?

British Child ‘Protection’ (snatching) Agencies are the worst in the world, rivaled only by Dutch Jeugd’zorg’. But even for their standards, this story is truly horrendous.

Mothers incarcerated for waving to their children they happen to meet in the streets……..I kid you not, Christopher Booker writes he knows at least of six cases of these.

A 72 year old Grandmother jailed for three months (!!!!!!) after lovingly embracing her granddaughter. The judge had the gal to actually say: “I am sure this grandmother needs restraint.”

The same ghoul, Martin Cardinal, had already made waves after secretly (!!!!), yes, secretly, family courts are secret in Britain, and the victims gagged, “jailed Wanda Maddocks – for removing her 80-year-old father from a care home where he had been placed by social workers, and where he was being so ill-treated that she feared for his life.”

When loving parents or grandparents are allowed to see their (grand)children, it is with insanely draconian limitations on what they can discuss. They can only talk in English:

“No reference can be made to the courts, social workers or any other “professional” involved in the case. Particularly forbidden is any “whispering”. Where foreign children are in care, they and their parents are forbidden to use the language they speak at home. When a Lithuanian grandfather recently flew to London to see his grandson, he was merely allowed one five-minute video exchange on Skype, using the only three words of English he knew: “I love you”.”

It’s heartbreaking and the cruelty of these maniacal State psychopaths is heart and mind numbing. The rage I feel when thinking of these people is immense.

I just can’t believe the restraint people suffering from this insane tyranny (and I know it first hand) show. Yes, they will commit suicide or even kill their own children in total panic.

But they never kill these soulless State perpetrators. Why has no judge been taken down? How is it possible nobody has taken revenge on these heartless monsters? Of course, it’s a great achievement spiritually, but sometimes I really wonder how far it must go before these criminals are held personally accountable.

They should be the ones living in fear, not parents and children.


Ann Coulter And The Female Vote

"It would be a much better country if women did not vote. That is simply a fact. In fact, in every presidential election since 1950 - except Goldwater in '64 - the Republican would have won, if only the men had voted." ~Ann Coulter

“It would be a much better country if women did not vote. That is simply a fact. In fact, in every presidential election since 1950 – except Goldwater in ’64 – the Republican would have won, if only the men had voted.” ~Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter certainly is one of the more sour witches out there today. The left loves to hate her and with good reason.

But her point is interesting and it can be heard more often in some circles, also by other women.

Does universal suffrage work? Probably not.

It’s not just about women (although the female vote is probably not beneficial), but also the young.

The basic idea behind universal suffrage is that voting is a right. But it is not: it’s a responsibility for a fairly important societal function and it is quite obvious that not all are equally capable of voting reasonably.

At the moment in the United States 55% of the vote is female. While women receive more from the State then they pay in taxes. So men pay more than 100% of all taxation, but they are represented by only 45% of the vote. Clearly this is wrong.

To put it very bluntly: men are picking up the tab for what women were fooled into voting for. The US offically left the British Empire because of taxation without representation.

The female vote has seen the rise of the all pervading nanny State during the 20th century. Women are more collectivist and more susceptible to Government propaganda (and commercial marketing too).

Women are certainly not more ‘peaceful’ as witnessed by the rampage the US Empire has been on during the era of universal suffrage.

Occasionally we also hear about giving the vote to younger people. Here’s the agenda as described in the Protocols:
“To secure this we must have everybody vote without distinction of classes and qualifications, in order to establish an absolute majority, which cannot be got from the educated propertied classes.”

The problem with young people voting is obvious: they’re clueless. Also, they’re still very dependent society and not yet very productive.

How could the system be reformed? Perhaps it’s a good idea to have only heads of households older than 30 vote.

People living alone would be able to vote, women too. People living in families would decide among themselves who is the ‘head of the household’. This would probably normally be the man, and sometimes the woman. The head of the household would vote for the entire family, where each child is half a vote and each adult a full vote. A family of four with two children would thus have three votes, casted by the ‘head of the household’, who would vote according to his own conscience with the interests of his family in mind.

This would solve the problem of the female majority and inexperienced people voting.

Rapes In India: What’s Behind The Media Outrage?

Is rape in India being used to poison the women there with feminism too?

Is rape in India being used to poison the women there with feminism too?

Recently, the world has been shaken by a number of reports from India about terrible rape cases.

A number of women have been raped and murdered, or committed suicide out of shame.

The events are very brutal. But the question is: why are we being bombarded by these stories all of the sudden?

India is a huge country with an area similar to the US and about 3,5 times the population. Most of these people live in squalor.

Are these rapes, bad as they are, really so stunning that they deserve all this attention all of the sudden? Are there no worse things happening in India?

Rape has always been used by feminism. Everybody hates rape, so it is a useful theme to promote their social engineering agenda.

Feminist maniacs have been badgering us with totally fabricated ‘rape culture’ smears for years now. It is poisoning women’s minds, shaming men and used for ever more draconian feminist legislation against men and the family.

Women’s ‘rights’ are used by the UN and its owners everywhere in the world to ‘manage female fertility’ (depopulate the planet) and to attack men who could resist the collectivist designs of Government and supranational entities.

Considering the unisono, global media ‘outrage’, my hunch is India is facing a feminist attack.

Make No Mistake: ‘Equality’ Is Genocide
‘Lift The Skirt’, Or: The Last Days Of Feminism


Atheism: Primitive.

Atheism cannot solve the problems of religion

Atheism cannot solve the problems of religion

Atheism is the most primitive of belief systems.

It claims ‘science’ and ‘logic’ ‘prove’ God does not exist. A total logical fallacy, as obviously God is not material and science is only interested in, and can only observe material ‘reality’.

God’s existence cannot be proven or disproven via the scientific method. It’s not that people haven’t tried, it’s just logically impossible.

Atheism is therefore inconsistent with its own propositions. And this is why it inspires so little confidence.

It’s usually a reaction to religious hypocrisy and while primitive, for this reason it’s often the strong that flirt with it.

Atheists wrongly claim the moral high ground. Pointing at religion as a cause of war and suggesting atheism would solve this. However, the Soviet Union was openly atheist. Hardly a peace loving role model. Worse: both Capitalism and Marxism are fundamentally materialist ideologies.

Atheists often develop fundamentalist tendencies. Also they will often actively proselytize.

All in all, atheism as a belief system is not sufficient to defeat religion. That’s why Richard Dawkins, who made a career of denying God, recanted and went agnostic: simply not knowing, instead of denying.

This is indeed a reasonable stance. It’s realistic and maintains an open minded attitude.

Jesus And The Awakening

Jesus was no fan of Capitalism.

Jesus was no fan of Capitalism.

Interest in Jesus is definitely surging in the Truth Movement.

His reputation has seen a huge boost to at least some extent because of him taking the Usurers to the cleaners in the Temple.

It had been damaged after a few thousand years of Pharisees of all sorts of persuasions claiming they were speaking in his name.

It’s mainly because people are having a second look at the authentic Jesus, as opposed to the disfigured picture X-tianity was promoting.

And Jesus was the Great Prophet of the Spirit. The Life Breath that pervades all creation as Consciousness. And that lives in our hearts too and that wants us to come to Him, so He can give us Peace.

And more and more people are sensing this. In many different ways, via many different stories, books, words, traditions, experience.

And this is the real Awakening.

Climate Alarmism, What A Joke

Laurent Fabius, French Foreign Minister, is visiting Kerry and claiming we have 500 days to do something about ‘Climate Chaos’.

Ever notice the common theme behind all these malthusian schemes? Destroy the West!

Of course, if Government were really worried about Global Warming, they would build a couple of geothermal facilities. They would tell car manufactures to start using some of these patents that allow 100 km/per liter gasoline engines. They would give home owners a small subsidy to get some solar power collectors on their roofs.

Instead, they are giving tax breaks to Big Oil.

Scientific consensus? Don’t make me laugh.

99% of biologists promote ‘evolution’, a totally discredited relic of the 19th century.
99% of economists accept the wholly irrelevant ‘time value of money’ as a central tenet.
99% of doctors will tell you you need mustard gas (chemotherapy) if you contract cancer.
99% of archeologists claim the Pyramids were built with endless sources of manpower and rope.
99% of astrono……well, you get the picture.

Scientific consensus is easily manufactured: promote orthodoxy and marginalize and disenfranchize freethinkers. Most professors are just careerists/politicians.

No, ‘Climate Change’ is just another tool to deindustrialize the West, tax the middle class into oblivion and a white wash for more Supranational Government and totalitarian control of people’s lives.

Forget alarmism, there is a simple solution for everything.