Climate Alarmism, What A Joke

Laurent Fabius, French Foreign Minister, is visiting Kerry and claiming we have 500 days to do something about ‘Climate Chaos’.

Ever notice the common theme behind all these malthusian schemes? Destroy the West!

Of course, if Government were really worried about Global Warming, they would build a couple of geothermal facilities. They would tell car manufactures to start using some of these patents that allow 100 km/per liter gasoline engines. They would give home owners a small subsidy to get some solar power collectors on their roofs.

Instead, they are giving tax breaks to Big Oil.

Scientific consensus? Don’t make me laugh.

99% of biologists promote ‘evolution’, a totally discredited relic of the 19th century.
99% of economists accept the wholly irrelevant ‘time value of money’ as a central tenet.
99% of doctors will tell you you need mustard gas (chemotherapy) if you contract cancer.
99% of archeologists claim the Pyramids were built with endless sources of manpower and rope.
99% of astrono……well, you get the picture.

Scientific consensus is easily manufactured: promote orthodoxy and marginalize and disenfranchize freethinkers. Most professors are just careerists/politicians.

No, ‘Climate Change’ is just another tool to deindustrialize the West, tax the middle class into oblivion and a white wash for more Supranational Government and totalitarian control of people’s lives.

Forget alarmism, there is a simple solution for everything.


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