Jesus And The Awakening

Jesus was no fan of Capitalism.

Jesus was no fan of Capitalism.

Interest in Jesus is definitely surging in the Truth Movement.

His reputation has seen a huge boost to at least some extent because of him taking the Usurers to the cleaners in the Temple.

It had been damaged after a few thousand years of Pharisees of all sorts of persuasions claiming they were speaking in his name.

It’s mainly because people are having a second look at the authentic Jesus, as opposed to the disfigured picture X-tianity was promoting.

And Jesus was the Great Prophet of the Spirit. The Life Breath that pervades all creation as Consciousness. And that lives in our hearts too and that wants us to come to Him, so He can give us Peace.

And more and more people are sensing this. In many different ways, via many different stories, books, words, traditions, experience.

And this is the real Awakening.


3 thoughts on “Jesus And The Awakening

  1. “The Battle of Armageddon: the final struggle between the keepers and the abolitionists of usury”. Jubilee rebirth of Christ Consciousness will turn the tables on Mammon. It’s just a decision to use our own self-issued money instead of the monopolists’.

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