Rapes In India: What’s Behind The Media Outrage?

Is rape in India being used to poison the women there with feminism too?

Is rape in India being used to poison the women there with feminism too?

Recently, the world has been shaken by a number of reports from India about terrible rape cases.

A number of women have been raped and murdered, or committed suicide out of shame.

The events are very brutal. But the question is: why are we being bombarded by these stories all of the sudden?

India is a huge country with an area similar to the US and about 3,5 times the population. Most of these people live in squalor.

Are these rapes, bad as they are, really so stunning that they deserve all this attention all of the sudden? Are there no worse things happening in India?

Rape has always been used by feminism. Everybody hates rape, so it is a useful theme to promote their social engineering agenda.

Feminist maniacs have been badgering us with totally fabricated ‘rape culture’ smears for years now. It is poisoning women’s minds, shaming men and used for ever more draconian feminist legislation against men and the family.

Women’s ‘rights’ are used by the UN and its owners everywhere in the world to ‘manage female fertility’ (depopulate the planet) and to attack men who could resist the collectivist designs of Government and supranational entities.

Considering the unisono, global media ‘outrage’, my hunch is India is facing a feminist attack.

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8 thoughts on “Rapes In India: What’s Behind The Media Outrage?

  1. The land area of the US is three times that of India.

    1.269 million sq miles (3.288 million km²) India, Area

    3.794 million sq miles (9.827 million km²) United States of America, Area

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  2. Take a look at the suicide statistics for women under 25 in India and then tell me that this is just ‘India is facing a feminist attack’. Then take a look on the statistics regarding acid-throwing attacks against young women by jilted suitors.

    Your hunch is bullshit. India has a deeply ingrained culture of woman-belittling and woman-hatred, as almost all traditional patriarchal societies do.

    Have you ever become close enough friends with an Indian woman of any social class, enough that she felt comfortable talking to you about the sexual politics of her culture?

    Well I have seen the insider’s view because of my marriage, and from poor to rich, Indian culture affords very little autonomy to women. They are pigeon-holed into bullshit restrictive roles from cradle to grave. Both men and women perpetrate this crap on their children, generation after generation. It is far worse that the catholic nonsense I grew up with in Ireland.

    The difference was when I smelled bullshit at age 13, I could say no, with minimal repercussions. An Indian woman who wants to step outside of the neat boxes of daughter, wife or mother will quickly be labelled WHORE and BITCH by her own friends and family. Any Indian girl who says ‘no’ to unwelcome advances from a boy can quickly be labelled ‘BITCH’. Any Indian girl who says ‘yes’ to a welcome advance can quickly be labelled ‘WHORE’.

    For these reasons, my wife and I keep the extended family at arms length. We don’t want these attitudes poisoning our daughter’s image of herself or constraining her sense of life’s possibilities.

    These are not just newspaper statistics Anthony, they are the real lives of hundreds of millions of women, unimaginable to you in your comfortable European bourgeois affluence.


    • You should not project your western values on India JDC.

      I have no doubts at all about problems for women in India. But the fact is: men suffer immensely too.

      The plight of women would drastically improve, if the lot of the common man improves.

      Feminism is about distracting from the problems of society as a whole and focus on lesser issues. Feminism will destroy the family in India, just as it has destroyed the family in Europe and America. That is its only function.


  3. Dude let me fill you on this as i’m an Indian i can tell you the ground reality of the situation! and yes your suspicion of feminazism poisoning Indian milieu is 100% CORRECT! they’ve already enacted anti-rape laws that don’t even only consider women as the rape victims.

    You see Indian culture is INDEED sexist but that’s because just like every other form of archaic pre-industrial society we follow traditional gender roles where women make the sandwiches and men are the breadwinners(sexist towards both men&women) but you see the “outrage” or whatever you call it is from the ELITE “Middle class” of India who have education,better social&economic status… they’re suddenly bitching about stuff that they’ve been ignoring all the time 80% of India is poor and issues such as infanticide,abuse and rape have been widely prevalent throughout India FOREVER!

    Traditionally Indian girls had no educational right and were wed to anyone without their consent and well guess who reported their rape cases? NO ONE! a husband was entitled to sex and woman had no rights.. but that’s not the situation of the middle Indian “Elite” women who enjoy equal rights + the benefits of “Female privilege” A.K.A CHIVALRY which turns men against men.

    These type of rape cases are dime a dozen and it never got any media attention whatsoever! it is only an outrage because it was an elite member of the society who was the victim! oh the horror! poor village women get tortured,trafficked&raped to death all the time but HOLY DAMN A RICH GIRL GOT RAPED?? RAPE CULTURE!! PATRIARCHY! *garble garble garble*

    I find this “Indian middle class” lobbying for female rights eerily similar to the first wave feminism which was also only about the elite white women…. i don’t think this a coincidence! this movement only exists for the elite class..

    And i’d highly suggest you to stop looking at the statistics of India’s gender violence right now! because India has a “Culture of honor” most genuine rapes go unreported and there are a lot of ones that are fake too…so they are as meaningless as they get.

    There technically is NO need for FEMINAZISM in India because education can make women independent and BTW i don’t think any country needs such a hate-mongering,one-sided,myopic,Parochial,sexist ideology! it is POISON!


    • *EDIT I made a typo i meant to say “they’ve already enacted anti-rape laws that don’t even only consider men as the rape victims.”


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