Feminism is dying

Emma Watson

(Above: The UN thought it sly to put a young starlet in front of millions with some particularly pathetic talking points. As a result she was widely ridiculed on the web.)

Feminism has quietly lost all support from women, except perhaps those brainwashed in University.

By Anthony Migchels, for Henry Makow.

In 2012 a major study was published, showing that women across the board are disentchanted with it. They consider it ‘too agressive against men’, ‘old fashioned’, ’70 per cent of younger women feel far too much is expected of them, with unprecedented pressure to ‘be red-hot lovers, domestic goddesses, climb the career ladder and look like supermodels’.

But the real knock out is: “The majority of the 1,300 polled felt feminism should be about ensuring women have ‘real choice over their family, career and lives’, and to reinstate the value of motherhood.”

It is exactly this sentiment that Feminism was designed to destroy.

According to Simone de Beauvoir, a disturbed woman, like most of the Feminists that were unleashed on an unwitting public by the Rockefeller Foundation, put it this way:
“No woman should be authorized to stay at home to raise her children. Society should be totally different. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one.””

And the trend is long term: the number of stay-at-home moms has been slowly rising over the last decade, after a calamitous free fall in the seventies and eighties. True, after tanking the labor market by flooding it with millions of cheap, easily manipulable wage slaves (‘independent women’), this is nowadays a tough proposition for many families. It’s now very difficult to run a family on one wage. Still the trend is clear and remarkable.

While the arty farty ‘liberal’ (Cultural Marxist) MSM is still parading ridiculous little whores like the above in front of the masses, claiming of this particular wench that she is ‘redefining beauty’, the real story is on the Web: the men’s movement has hammered feminism on-line and the ‘Social Justice Warriors’ are constantly on the defensive. Their insane man hatred (which is the core of Feminism) is being exposed more and more.

Every time they are confronted with coherent argumentation, they immediately succumb to narcissist breakdowns, claiming ‘people like you are why the world is such a mess’, or ‘fucking dickhead’. Clearly indicating lack of arguments, manners and most likely mental stability.

The SJW’s still manage to destroy careers, like recently PGA President Ted Bishop, after he said a golfer behaved like ‘a little girl’. That comparing a man with a little girl could be considered insulting is still hard to fathom for the little girls that currently control the debate.

But the real story is in the comments of for instance this article: the public clearly sees this is unacceptable.

At the moment, Gamer Gate is thrashing the feminist controlled Media via their on-line outlets, particularly Reddit.com, which is also a hotbed of agitation against the ‘Domestic Violence’ hoax.

Domestic violence is mainly perpetrated by women and it has been well known since at the least the seventies that the best shot that women have to avoid violence against them is……..refraining from violence against their mates: no less than two thirds of ‘battered women’ admit committing ‘severe violence’ against their husband before getting a taste of their own medicine.

Gamer Gate has such fall out, that major corporate sponsors are starting to see that Feminism is not about women’s rights, but is actually attacking their main consumer base: men.

“Perhaps it won’t surprise you to learn that microchip manufacturers and car companies are pretty sympathetic to the concerns of male consumers. But some of the things said to me–all, sadly, on condition of anonymity–have been nothing short of remarkable.

There’s the Intel vice president who told me via email that GamerGate was “doing great work” and that he was “sick of slander and self-loathing from the press”. He was talking about male journalists who do misandrist feminists’ work for them.”

In another funny development, Fox News Host Kimberly Guilfoyle, openly stated on TV, that young women should not vote and should not be on juries, but instead should be buying shoes and keeping an eye out on http://www.match.com.

While this is an obvious statement for anyone born before 1930 or otherwise endowed with some basic understanding of human nature, it’s a far cry from what has become the norm in our completely pussified society, ruled by girly ‘sensitivities’.

After getting scorched by the Left, she did not at all recant, and her co-host, a former press secretary at the White House, simply chimed in agreeing with her.

It’s not really surprising that women are saying this: they tend to be accutely aware of the nonsensical pussy worship that so many men are mind controlled into. Women are well known to prefer male bosses, for instance.

Women, more than anybody else, know about the female darkside.

While Feminism and Cultural Marxism is taking a heavy beating on the Web, the MSM is clutching at straws to fend off the inevitable. But this only hastens their own demise.

Meanwhile, many among the men’s movement, including major outlets like www.avoiceformen.com, are taking a wholly wrong turn by joining the Feminists in clamoring for ‘equality’, pointing at egregious inequality before the law, for instance in family courts, or punishment for men and women for the same offenses.

But there is no equality. Men are more spiritual, more rational, have a bigger brain and are simply much more powerful than women. Women are more earthly, emotional and have a womb.

Men want to possess their women and women want to be possessed. The male longing to possess her proves to her that she is wanted and desired. This also explains why by far most women are submissive in bed.

We can have something much better than equality: Male Privilege and Female Privilege.

We can have love.

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3 thoughts on “Feminism is dying

  1. Feminism must be helped in dying. Its death struggle is an awful sight. Sweden, cultural marxisms state of pride are of course adoring their feminists and do try to grow new generations by help of state support and tv series. What is it ? Closeted lesbians sporting their hate of men, creating this female bonding culture without any content but the positioning of identity in a matriarchal world .- This is important as much as it is dangerous, for they know so well that without the correct opinions they are dead meat – frozen out of the good company of correct and important females.
    Feminism is now becoming surrogate femalehood. Instead of simply being female, they are creating up a role, supposed to be new, interesting and intriguing, which accidentally? looks male.-


  2. Good! I don’t know how to interact with these women at all. They’re far too aggressive the moment you disagree with their views and their nastiness prevents further discussion.

    You’re right about women wanting to be possessed; speaking from experience, it’s the sweetest feeling in the world to have my man cherish me so much he wants to keep me to himself.

    Nice post! : )


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