Ursula Haverbeck And Revisionism

Ursula Haverbeck

Ursula Haverbeck

Ursula Haverbeck sees her house ransacked by a German paramilitary terror (‘anti terror’) squad, after being interviewed on prime time by ARD, the German public broadcaster. She is facing years in jail. She refused to tow the party line on the ‘Holocaust’.

Frau Haverbeck is an 86 year old lady, in the best sense of the word, who, as a young girl, lived through the horrors of the ethnic cleansing of Eastern Prussia in 1945. She’s the widow of Werner Haverbeck, who was a committed National Socialist during the war and a nationalist, christian and anthroposophical (‘extreme right’) campaigner thereafter.

She is a member of a network of Revisionists in Germany. The best known among them are Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolf and Horst Mahler, who is currently serving a 12 years sentence for ‘Volksverhetzung’ (‘inciting popular hatred’) and Holocaust denial.

Holocaust denial is illegal in Germany and several other European nations. The German State especially, clamps down viciously on all that dare to speak their mind on the issue. Recently, Sylvia Stolz was sent back to prison for 20 months for a speech she delivered in Switzerland. Stolz, who is married to Horst Mahler, had already served more than three years behind bars for the ‘crime’ of defending Ernst Zundel, who was convicted to five years in jail.

In France, Vincent Reynouard was sentenced to two years in jail in February this year. This was during the ‘Je Suis Charlie’ mass psychosis, with millions of French ‘celebrating free speech’.

Haverbeck was interviewed in a major attack by ARD (here is a youtube version with English subtitles) on Revisionism on April 23d this year. The main point of contention was Auschwitz, about which she made many points denying it was a ‘death camp’. She called the Holocaust ‘the biggest lie in history’.

Revisionism has been gaining major momentum over the last few years. The points that people like Robert de Faurisson have been making since the eighties have been, especially in the Alternative Media on-line, mostly vindicated.

While Revisionism has important other points too, Hitler’s ongoing peace overtures to the West come to mind, or the horrendous suffering of the German people in defeat, the main issue is of course the Holocaust.

Did 6 million Jews die through gassing as a result of a deliberate policy of industrial genocide? This, in a nutshell, is what we have been made to believe after the war.

Auschwitz is central in this theme. After the war, a plaque was shown to visitors saying 4 million Jews died there. It is upon this number that the 6 million figure is said to be based. However, later the plaque was changed to read ‘1,5 million Jews died here’. Currently, the Holocaust Industry maintains that about 1 million Jews were murdered in Auschwitz. Still, the mythical 6 million number remains in humanity’s mass consciousness.

But Haverbeck, in the interview, went a lot further: she denied Auschwitz was a death camp to begin with. Revisionist scholars maintain Auschwitz was a major industrial center and the Jews were brought there as slaves, not to be murdered.

There is no paper trail in Auschwitz whatsoever of any kind of systematic killings. Quite the opposite: the records speak of harsh penalties for guards comitting crimes against the inmates.

Haverbeck cites extensively from the camp records of the time, detailing the diet and medical requirements for the inmates. These suggest the prisoners were quite well taken care of.

Even more telling: there is no forensic evidence at all either. No gas chambers have been found anywhere in the German camps. The infamous one in Dachau, visited by many people, was built after the war by the Americans, for PR purposes.

Nowhere have bodily remains, either bones or ashes, been found. Another issue is that at Auschwitz they simply did not have the crematoria to deal with thousands of bodies on a daily basis. It takes hours to burn a corpse and there were only a couple of ovens at Auschwitz. These were sufficient to handle the ‘normal’ deaths of a major industrial hub, but most certainly not to burn 1 million (let alone 4 million) dead people.

A major blow to the official Holocaust narrative was delivered by a young Jewish investigator, David Cole, in the eighties. He interviewed the camp’s management with a hidden camera and they admitted no people were gassed in the supposed ‘gas chamber’ they were showing to tourists. Cole had to go underground after publishing his findings. He made a career for himself in the Republican Party as David Stein, but was outed a few years ago. He wrote an entertaining account of his travails since.

Fred Leuchter, who worked for the American Government as a gas chamber specialist for executions, went to Poland and investigated and concluded that the alleged ‘gas chambers’ would simply have been unusable for any kind of mass executions. He testified as such in the infamous Zundel trials.

Post war Red Cross reports indicate that about 300 thousand people died in the camps during the war. Most of them non-Jewish. They died mostly in the final months of the war, when the German economy had collapsed and the camps were no longer sufficiently supplied. Typhoid epidemics in several camps killed thousands of inmates.

Revisionism maintains that the Jews of Eastern Europe (and Holland) were arrested as ‘enemy combattants’. Basically the same legal framework with which the Americans interned the Japanese. Already in 1933, International Jewry had ‘declared war‘ on Germany. The ‘final solution’ Hitler had in mind was expelling them after the war.

It must also be understood that this was in the days of the rape of Russia, where the Jews under the guise of Bolshevism had been killing scores of millions of Russians and other Slavs, often in the most heinous fashion. Germany had been witnessing this first rank and there was both deep fear and disgust.

Zionism was instrumental in the whole affair: Zionists operated the Jewish Councils throughout Europe, which cooperated with the Germans and selected the people to be sent off to the camps. Zionists were spared the ordeal. Zionism needed the ethnic cleansing of Europe for its own designs in Palestine: the Jews had shown to be lukewarm to the project and needed a little persuasion.

It is quite obvious that the Revisionists are hunted down in similar fashion as German ‘war criminals’. The fact is that, on the whole, the Germans behaved no worse (and often much better) during the war than both the Russians and the Western Allies. But truth is always the first victim of war and Germany is still suffering occupation and classic ‘Sieger Justiz’.

The Jews need the Holocaust. To serve their national passtime, wailing, to hide their atrocities in Russia, and to pave the way for Zionism.

It is no coincidence that Putin, last year, promised to jail Holocaust deniers for five years. He also outlawed criticizing Stalin’s handling of the war. Both the Russian and German States have a lot to hide from their peoples and cannot allow them to come to terms with what actually happened to them in these dark years.

There is no doubt that the ethnic cleansing of Eastern Europe by the Germans was a brutal affair. Families were ripped apart. Many innocent people were taken from their homes and used as slaves. Many died.

But the idea of an industrial scale genocide through gassing is unsustainable vis a vis the evidence that has been painstakingly put together by Revisionists over the last four decades or so.

The notion that an 86 year old lady like Ursula Haverbeck deserves prosecution, let alone incarcaration, simply for speaking her mind on this most crucial of historical issues, just shows the utter moral bankruptcy of the German State, International Jewry and their many lackeys in the Academia and Media.

Ursula Haverbeck’s basic message is simply that it is time to end this unreal defamation, weighing so heavily on the German people’s soul, and to allow them to mourn, at long last, their many dead.


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