What is Fascism?



Tomato Bubble, notwithstanding his many good points, is actually indicative of what is so wrong with the alternative media: a lousy appreciation of political economy and philosophy.

Now he’s explaining fascism is ‘a very sensible system’.

What is Fascism? Strong State, strong ties to privately owned Big Business and Banking.

What is Marxism? Strong State, Nationalized Industry and Banking.

Both are extended forms of Capitalism: Cartelized Big Business owned by the Banking Cartel.

Throughout the West we already have pseudo Fascism and Marxism. Europe is more Marxist, the US is more Fascist. Russia is decidedly Fascist.

So if you want more State, more Monopoly, less Community, less Individual Freedom, then go for it people!

Tomato Bubble, What is Fascism?