The Capitalist Monopoly

The Few Banks That Own All

The Few Banks That Own All

Capitalism is one huge global monopoly: the biggest banks own each other and 80% of all Transnationals. All major industries are cartels: IT & Telecom, Weapons, Oil, Automotive, Food, Big Pharma, everything. They also own most land.

All this was bought throughout the ages with their usurious income.

So what use is it to talk about ‘higher taxes’ for the ‘rich’? Regulation?

The Trillionaires won’t be taxed, because their assets are in foundations and Trusts. Regulation only manages problems, instead of solving them.

This monster will continue to grow through Usury, profit and rents.

We need to stop feed the beast (ending Usury by providing interest-free credit) and break it, if we ever want to be a free people.

The Few Banks that Own All

Thanks to Smoloko’s Scottie Spencer for this and other splendid memes