Make No Mistake: ‘Equality’ Is Genocide

The Frankfurter Schule, cradle of cultural marxism

The Frankfurter Schule, cradle of cultural marxism

The trends are simply catastrophic. The US faces a white minority as soon as 2050. Europe the same from the sixties and onwards. By the end of the century the white race will have ceased to be of any relevance at all.

There is mass immigration on the one hand, already up to 15% of European populations are immigrants, and the trinity of sexual ‘liberation’, feminism and the homolobby, which have plummeted white reproduction into a suicidal crisis. All white nations face a demographic catastrophy in the coming decades, with populations aging and shrinking.

There are many supporting myths: ‘overpopulation’, for instance, a total non issue that only has some attraction because of the insane injustice of Capitalism. Or white guilt, not completely without merit, but suicide never solved anything and the other races are no better at all.

This is just the result of 40, mayby 50 years of incessant social engineering. These trends are exponential and what we are already witnessing is only the beginning after a slow start. Another 40 years of this and it may be too late.

Make no mistake: they are genociding the white race. Us.

This is the ‘love’ behind all the ‘equality’ memes.

It has nothing to do with blaming women, or immigrants or whoever, they are just being used as tools. Pawns in a game. We all are. There is no blame and discussing memes that just further the agenda is not ‘blame’ or ‘hate’ or ‘homophobia’ or ‘anti-semite’.

These are serious issues and discuss them we must. We are all responsible for our own emotions. All we can do is maintain a reasonable discourse and this is easy when we maintain a clear view of our common humanity.


Disagreeing With Krishnamurti…….

Apparently Krishnamurti was dealing with people suffering from overrating race and nation and overreacted.....

Apparently Krishnamurti was dealing with people suffering from overrating race and nation and overreacted…..

Much as I like Krishnamurti, this cannot be agreed with.

Social Engineering works two ways: either it makes something bigger than it is, or smaller. Next, the engineers control both sides of the spectrum. Both are comfortable to them, because they are unbalanced.

So White Supremacist organizations are just as much controlled and favorable to the Adversary as are the liberals, claiming ‘race is a social construct’.

The truth is not so complex: the individual has levels of identity:

The Brotherhood of Man

The Art of Peaceful Coexistence is not denial of these levels of identity, it’s balancing them.

Clearly we are all children of the One. But God did not create us all the same. Each individual is unique and individuals belong to different races, which in turn have unique characteristics of their own.

We do not learn to live with difference by denying it, we learn to live with difference by accepting it.

We can have respect for Race and learn what we need as members of a Nation without losing sight of the fact that we are all part of the wider family.