Bilderbergers Panicking?

The Marriot Hotel in Copenhagen, venue of the 2014 Bilderberg meeting

The Marriot Hotel in Copenhagen, venue of the 2014 Bilderberg meeting

Bilderberger Agenda Revealed: Elites Desperate To Save Unipolar World

This is an interesting article from infowar’s Paul Joseph Watson, saying the Bilderbergers are upset with Russia and fear the end of a unipolar world with the rise of the BRICS.

Perhaps this is so: Bilderberg is a Western confab and are basically executives of the American Empire.

Still, rest assured Jewish Capital is organizing the BRICS and the Sjanghai Cooperation Organization too. Their intellectuals are writing the books about the inevitability of Sino-Russian Entente in the face of the EU/American Challgenge.

Jewish money owns the Russian Economy and is fully aligned with the Chinese Mandarins.

Undoubtedly, long standing strategy is coming to fruition in these trends and while it’s pleasant to see the American Empire falling, there is no reason to be unduly optimistic about what they intend as a replacement.


The People’s Republic of Donetsk

The vote in Donetsk

The vote in Donetsk

The referendum in Donetsk has resulted in 96% of the people voting in favor. According to Donetsk.

Sounds pretty nonsensical. Yes, Russians dominate in the East, but not with such a margin and I can’t really believe such a crucial vote would see such a margin. The Ukraine is an ancient country/region and it seems unlikely that there is nobody there who would want it intact.

Seems to me the Russians are giving the State Department a little of its own medicine.

Competing Empires…..what a bore……