Atheism: Primitive.

Atheism cannot solve the problems of religion

Atheism cannot solve the problems of religion

Atheism is the most primitive of belief systems.

It claims ‘science’ and ‘logic’ ‘prove’ God does not exist. A total logical fallacy, as obviously God is not material and science is only interested in, and can only observe material ‘reality’.

God’s existence cannot be proven or disproven via the scientific method. It’s not that people haven’t tried, it’s just logically impossible.

Atheism is therefore inconsistent with its own propositions. And this is why it inspires so little confidence.

It’s usually a reaction to religious hypocrisy and while primitive, for this reason it’s often the strong that flirt with it.

Atheists wrongly claim the moral high ground. Pointing at religion as a cause of war and suggesting atheism would solve this. However, the Soviet Union was openly atheist. Hardly a peace loving role model. Worse: both Capitalism and Marxism are fundamentally materialist ideologies.

Atheists often develop fundamentalist tendencies. Also they will often actively proselytize.

All in all, atheism as a belief system is not sufficient to defeat religion. That’s why Richard Dawkins, who made a career of denying God, recanted and went agnostic: simply not knowing, instead of denying.

This is indeed a reasonable stance. It’s realistic and maintains an open minded attitude.


Jesus And The Awakening

Jesus was no fan of Capitalism.

Jesus was no fan of Capitalism.

Interest in Jesus is definitely surging in the Truth Movement.

His reputation has seen a huge boost to at least some extent because of him taking the Usurers to the cleaners in the Temple.

It had been damaged after a few thousand years of Pharisees of all sorts of persuasions claiming they were speaking in his name.

It’s mainly because people are having a second look at the authentic Jesus, as opposed to the disfigured picture X-tianity was promoting.

And Jesus was the Great Prophet of the Spirit. The Life Breath that pervades all creation as Consciousness. And that lives in our hearts too and that wants us to come to Him, so He can give us Peace.

And more and more people are sensing this. In many different ways, via many different stories, books, words, traditions, experience.

And this is the real Awakening.

Heaven on Earth

It's Ascension Day

It’s Ascension Day

Well……they’re both actually.

We must first learn to live in the Kingdom before we can help manifest it on Earth. The brutality of the human condition is a symptom of insufficient harmony with the Heavens.

And I have high hopes. Because what we are witnessing could well be a prelude to an age of much improved awareness of the One.

In my own life I very much experience it. My awareness of Spirit and slowly learning to live and harmonize with it is certainly growing and the great joy of my life.

I see it all around me too. People have their own personal theory about the whole thing, their own words, and they act on it. It’s not ‘religious’, many are actually vehemently anti-religious.

Both the words and the actions can vary hugely between different people, but the underlying faith in an inner reality does seem the common theme.

This trend has been preceded by another, still ongoing issue: much improved psychological awarenss. The importance of emotions and what they represent. The need to be in contact with our emotions, to heal old trauma, release old pain.

Still much needs to be done, but it’s certainly a hugely important development. Only 150 years ago people thought infants should be left on wooden shelves, even without a blanket, and ignored when crying! High infant mortality rates in Britain were probably mainly caused by this horrible fate awaiting the new born.

With this has come a marked improvement of empathy towards each other. Still life is pretty brutal, of course, but it is a very palpable development.

All this will ultimately most assuredly translate in first a rejection of authoritarianism and next the rebuilding of society through more compassionate and charitable arrangements.

The Hate Of The Left

The Way of the One is not 'Equality', but Charity.

The Way of the One is not ‘Equality’, but Charity.

Pretending to ‘love’ homosexuals and women, feminists, homo-campaigners and the porn industry are simply hating on what is shown in the picture.

And their hate is devastating our society.

Up to 50% of marriages in the US are now failing. Millions of children throughout the West are robbed from their father or even never know him. Untold numbers of defenseless babies have been aborted. Millions of people have been seduced to a life of dysfunction, promiscuity, homosexuality, loneliness as a result of rebellion against Nature.

The State aims at completely destroying the family, disconnecting sex from procreation and gain control over child rearing and even birth.

People resisting the agenda are more and more openly oppressed, losing their jobs, facing arrest. The ease with which the politically correct degenerate into the most atrocious namecalling and ‘threats’ is disgusting and just shows what kind of psychosis underlies their social beliefs.

The astounding hypocrisy of the leftists, howlering about poor little oppressed women and homosexuals is gut wrenching, especially once they have been introduced to the devastating facts as a result of the implementation of their beliefs.

The right has degenerated into mindless Bible thumping and law based religion, wholly comfortable to the PtB, because unacceptable to spiritual people. And mainly based on the Old Testamental and thus hardly Christian.

The unbelievable human misery resulting from sexual ‘liberation’ can only be solved with Spirit and the Spirit is for grounded observation and such observation cannot be blind to the fate of the children.

There is a Natural Order and our task is to harmonize with it. In Nature there is no Equality, there is only difference. The One manifests in many ways and has a plan for each of His creations.

The Way of the One is not ‘Equality’, but Charity.

Worship Not Jesus, But The Spirit He Incarnated!

.....and that's the Way it is.

…..and that’s the Way it is.

There are many blatant fallacies in X-tianity and one of its more annoying ones is the idea that the Bible is the ‘word of God’. Nonsense! The Spirit is the Word, The Son of God, the Christ is the Word.

John 1:1:
“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
How much more direct does it get? The Word is the Creator. John 1:3:
“All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.”

And the Word (the Christ, the Spirit) dwells in our hearts:
John 1:4: “In him was life; and the life was the light of men.”

This is so important to understand: The Spirit is in us, with us, ALWAYS! X-tians call this ‘New Age’, but they simply don’t read the texts they themselves say are from God. That’s X-tianity for you.

God didn’t write the Bible and the Bible is not perfect. Imperfect men wrote the Bible and X-tianity is in fact Paulianity. Paul is badly overrated and often at odds with Jesus and other writers in the NT.

Still, X-tians claim the Bible is the word of God….because the Bible says so! Clearly, clinging to such childish beliefs is induced by fear. Fear instilled by priests, vicars and the Organized Religion control grid.

When a boy becomes a man, he must reconsider everything he was brainwashed (‘educated’) with. And this kind of circular logic must always be discarded. The Bible is an inspired text with profound implications and meaning. It’s hard to think of a more relevant text. But there are many problems with the Bible. And there are other inspired texts too.

The Bible does require a very critical approach to get to the nuggets and discard the Vatican mind control.

Jesus himself, who incarnated the Spirit (John 1:14: “14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us”) and through whom the Spirit spoke, mocked the idea of finding Truth in scripture. John 5:39-40:
“39 Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.” 40 And ye will not come to me, that ye might have life.” Let that sink in! ‘for in them ye think ye have eternal life’, ‘AND YOU WILL NOT COME TO ME’.

And remember: the Spirit speaks through Jesus. He’s the ‘I’ of the New Testament. And that’s the truth: we do not come to the Spirit!

We do not go inside, silencing the voices of self (ego) so that the quiet words of the Word can be heard! We do not wait for the Lord! We do not humble ourselves for the silent, spacious emptiness within, where the Creator himself resides. Where we can find peace, joy, happiness, faith and wisdom!

We hope to solve the riddle of life by thinking about it, with the mental body (reading, speaking, thinking), instead of silencing the monkey mind, so that God himself can speak to us.

So hush now brothers and sisters! Retire to your private quarters and consume the One Love!




Don’t worry, this is not true.

Consciousness is not knowledge. Consciousness is awareness of Spirit. When you become more conscious, you become more calm, more peaceful and more present. People will sense your growing gravitas. They will gravitate to it.

Sure, if you have a lot of knowledge and you share it liberally, it may be strange for people, but the aware knows not to push. He’s not interested in being heard, he’s interested in giving something of use to the other, if the other is willing to receive. He will not give more than the other can handle.

Knowledge is not very important and in fact can easily be a luciferian deception. An idol.

It is awareness that changes the world for the better, not knowledge, and the aware always knows what he needs to know.

The Spirit

Fruits of the Spirit

Fruits of the Spirit

Without the Spirit, the situation is hopeless. That much is clear.

Who hate Christ the most? The Jews, of course. In the Talmud they explain he’s in hell, boiling in his own excrement.

In the Protocols (the final one) they simply state: ‘we will do away with Christ’. 

In another Protocol they mention Darwin, Marx and Nietzsche as their own. Their common theme? Theories that make God superfluous.

People currently holding atheist views are right of course: religion sucks. But they fall for the same hoax as the believers: the idea that priests, mullahs and vicars represent God.

Obviously, they don’t. Law based religion (the idea that you are saved when you do this or that) is antithetical to the Spirit. That’s the essence of Christ’s ferocious battles with the Pharisees.

Christ, as did the Buddha and Lao Tse, wanted direct interaction between Him (Spirit incarnate) and his Children. You.

If you are in the phase of non-belief, don’t worry.

He still believes in you.