Copernicus And His Kabbalistic Methods

As we can see, Copernicus had some interesting opinions on the scientific method.

Reality is not important. Just lay down a nice hypothesis and say: ‘you can’t prove yours and I can’t prove mine, therefore both are equally valid’.

This is the essence of Kabbalistic thought, upon which the powerful build their solipsism. This is the foundational thought of magick, where ‘truth’ becomes a personal experience.

This is how they manipulate not reality itself, but our perception of it.

However, we have a useful tool in these matters: Occam’s razor, which states that when faced with choice, the simplest one is usually the best.

And it’s clear that both at the time and today, Occam’s razor gives clear preference to Tychonic Geocentrism and not to Heliocentrism, which cannot explain why we are not observing stellar parallax.

These quotes are really very telling about a man who is known to have been heavily involved in groups around Platonic mysticism in Bologna. Plato had maintained the Sun was the most exalted in the observable world.

Wrote Copernicus:
“In the middle of all sits Sun enthroned. In this most beautiful temple could we place this luminary in any better position from which he can illuminate the whole at once? He is rightly called the Lamp, the Mind, the Ruler of the Universe….”

As we can see, it’s rather one sided to blame Catholics, Protestants and ‘Bible Believers’ for a religious agenda behind Geocentrism.

Because the ‘spiritual’ agenda behind Heliocentrism is quite blatant and comparing both camps it is clear that the X-tians have shown a great deal more respect for the scientific method than the Sun worshippers of Heliocentrism.

Let alone Tycho Brahe, who was a great and impeccable scientist who showed proper respect for the observable data and restraint in coming to conclusions.

Heliocentrism Is Dead. There Is No Stellar Parallax!


Heliocentrism Is Dead. There Is No Stellar Parallax!

Copernicus was a Sun worshipper who had been studying Platonic mysticism, which claimed the Sun was the highest in the observable Universe. It was this that drove him in his quest for Heliocentricity, at the cost of the facts.

Copernicus was a Sun worshipper who had been studying Platonic mysticism, which claimed the Sun was the highest in the observable Universe. It was this that drove him in his quest for Heliocentrism, at the cost of the facts.

Heliocentrism, the long standing belief that the Earth revolves around the Sun, is dead.

The key evidence for it, stellar parallax, does not exist. The implications of this stunning fact are enormous. Not only does this end Heliocentrism as a viable system, it also ends our ideas about the distance of the stars.

Tycho Brahe has been right all this time. The Sun revolves around the Earth and the Earth is the center of the Universe.

Do you not believe me? I don’t blame you. The implications are enormous.

But allow me to explain what is going on.

Historical context
Throughout antiquity and the Medieval era, Geocentrism had been the norm. Ptolemy was the great sage of this idea and his system, which claimed that all celestial bodies circle the Earth, was generally accepted as the standard.

However, already in antiquity, astronomers were starting to have doubts, as they were suspecting the Planets, Mercury and Venus in particular, were circling the Sun.

By the time of the late Middle Ages, it was becoming clear that the Planets were indeed circling the Sun and that the Ptolemaic system needed a serious update to accomodate this.

Then Copernicus published his famous ‘Revolutionibus’ in 1543, describing the orbit of the Planets around the Sun.

However, Copernicus did a whole lot more than just that: he also put the Earth in an orbit around the Sun.

And this was a wild leap of the imagination, which was absolutely not warranted with the available evidence.

In the first place, astronomy had always seen the Planets as simply wandering stars, luminiscent spheres on the firmament, only different from the other stars because they were moving, unlike the others.

To suddenly claim the Earth was just another Planet was not at all uncontroversial, and it still isn’t.

Secondly, we should be witnessing stellar parallax when the Earth circles the Sun.

If the Earth is orbiting the Sun, then this should show in relative movements of closer and further away stars.

If the Earth is orbiting the Sun, then this should show in relative movements of closer and further away stars.

Parallax is what we see when we drive by a landscape and closer by objects seem to  be moving more quickly than those further off.

Stellar parallax, then, should result from the movements of the Earth. Closer stars should show relative motion compared to further away stars.

And this was simply not being observed at the time.

However, Copernicus and his followers explained this away by saying that the Stars were simply too far away for the effect to be observed.

In doing so, he also laid the foundation for the insane size of the Universe that ‘science’ nowadays claims. The Universe has been ballooning immensely, since the days of the Copernicus…

It is for these reasons that Tycho Brahe published his ‘An Introduction to the New Astronomy’ in 1588, proposing a Geocentric, Neo-Ptolemaic system, where the Sun revolves around the Earth and the Planets around the Sun.

The Tychonic system is simpler than the Copernican one and definitely fitted the observable evidence of the time better than Heliocentrism. It still does today.

By explaining away the lack of stellar parallax, Copernicus was in fact not in accordance with Occam’s razor, which claims that the simplest solution is usually best.

However, the Tychonic and Copernican Systems would compete with each other for centuries. The reason for this is mainly that, for some mysterious reason of their own, Kepler, Galileo and Newton, would all three support Heliocentrism.

As a result, their fame based on their own achievements, would rub off on Heliocentrist credibility.

And this was not warranted, because Kepler’s elliptical orbits, Galileo’s observations of Jupiter’s moons and Newton’s laws of gravity, fit equally well with the Tychonic as the Copernican system!

This point is really very vital to understand the history of the Heliocentric deception.

Stellar Parallax…..or?
Then in 1838 something remarkable happened: Friedrich Bessel for the first time observed star movement. Shortly thereafter a number of stars were observed moving on the firmament relatively to other stars.

This in itself was an interesting achievement, a testament to improving telescopes.

However, Bessel and his contemperaries quickly jumped to the conclusion that this must be the stellar parallax that they had been looking for ever since Copernicus, no less than three centuries.

But this was most likely a premature conclusion. After all: parallax is the seeming movement of closer by stars relatively to further away ones as the result of the Earth orbitting the Sun.

The fact is that the star movements that Bessel and colleagues observed, might have been caused by other reasons.

However, by the authority of their great predecessors, astronomers and physicists were heavily invested in Heliocentrism, even though the Tychonic system was, by all available evidence, still the preferable system.

As a result, Bessel’s observations were quickly jumped upon as having finally settled the issue and everybody rested assured Heliocentrism was a fact.

This led to some horrible disasters later on, most notably the Michelson-Morley catastrophy, culminating in the mystique of ‘relativity’ and a wasted century for astronomy. We’ll come back to that later.

Meanwhile, ‘stellar parallax’ was considered a given and ever since mainly a proud member of science’s hall of fame.

However, since these days astronomers have been faithfully logging the movements on the firmament of hundreds of thousands of stars.

And now comes the great kicker: it transpires that about half of the logged stars show ‘parallax’ (or at any rate, movement). But about half of each move in opposite directions!

This is called positive and negative stellar parallax.

However: if we are indeed witnessing stellar parallax as a result of the Earth’s orbit around the sun, all parallax should be in the same direction!

As a result we must conclude that the movement of the stars that we have been measuring ever since Bessel does NOT validate Copernican Heliocentrism, but IS consistent with Brahe’s System.

Furthermore, we cannot call these stars’ movements parallax at all. Because if these movements were caused by moves in the firmament, a result of the stars spinning around the Earth, or vice versa, all movement should still be in the same direction.

We must conclude that the movement that we are seeing is caused by other factors, and cannot be called stellar parallax at all.

And this also means that all our calculations of the distance of the stars are rubbish too.

And this brings us full circle, because it was Copernicus himself who began the insane blowing up of the Universe, based on nothing but speculation.

We have been had. On a scale that is truly hard to fathom.

The scientific community is guilty of covering up an immense scandal: that hundreds of thousands of confirmed star movements refute stellar parallax and therefore Copernican Heliocentrism. Nobody dares touch this stuff, while it sits there sticking out like a very sore thumb indeed.

This is far from the only example of a huge cover up. The fact is that our entire ‘science’ based world view is a fraud of truly monumental proportions.

Here is another example before we close off. While Earthbound observation of the Sun can probably never conclusively show whether the Sun circles the Earth or vice versa, NASA should theoretically be able to do just that. Presumably, they are scouting the solar system as we speak and it should be a piece of cake to have one of their satellites monitor the Sun’s orbit (or the Earth’s). They would only need a few months worth of data to prove the point.

Why, do you reckon, has this not happened?

The implications of the shattering of such a paradigm are momentous and we leave the reader to ponder both them and the here presented evidence…

The Insane Tyranny Of Britain’s Child ‘Protection’ Services

Martin Cardinal, the soulless monster enforcing Britain's demonic family laws

Martin Cardinal, the soulless monster enforcing Britain’s demonic family laws

The Mothers Jailed For Waving To Their Children

Where is the outrage? How is it possible that we have degenerated to such depths? Why cannot people see what insane tyranny is already the norm?

British Child ‘Protection’ (snatching) Agencies are the worst in the world, rivaled only by Dutch Jeugd’zorg’. But even for their standards, this story is truly horrendous.

Mothers incarcerated for waving to their children they happen to meet in the streets……..I kid you not, Christopher Booker writes he knows at least of six cases of these.

A 72 year old Grandmother jailed for three months (!!!!!!) after lovingly embracing her granddaughter. The judge had the gal to actually say: “I am sure this grandmother needs restraint.”

The same ghoul, Martin Cardinal, had already made waves after secretly (!!!!), yes, secretly, family courts are secret in Britain, and the victims gagged, “jailed Wanda Maddocks – for removing her 80-year-old father from a care home where he had been placed by social workers, and where he was being so ill-treated that she feared for his life.”

When loving parents or grandparents are allowed to see their (grand)children, it is with insanely draconian limitations on what they can discuss. They can only talk in English:

“No reference can be made to the courts, social workers or any other “professional” involved in the case. Particularly forbidden is any “whispering”. Where foreign children are in care, they and their parents are forbidden to use the language they speak at home. When a Lithuanian grandfather recently flew to London to see his grandson, he was merely allowed one five-minute video exchange on Skype, using the only three words of English he knew: “I love you”.”

It’s heartbreaking and the cruelty of these maniacal State psychopaths is heart and mind numbing. The rage I feel when thinking of these people is immense.

I just can’t believe the restraint people suffering from this insane tyranny (and I know it first hand) show. Yes, they will commit suicide or even kill their own children in total panic.

But they never kill these soulless State perpetrators. Why has no judge been taken down? How is it possible nobody has taken revenge on these heartless monsters? Of course, it’s a great achievement spiritually, but sometimes I really wonder how far it must go before these criminals are held personally accountable.

They should be the ones living in fear, not parents and children.

Climate Alarmism, What A Joke

Laurent Fabius, French Foreign Minister, is visiting Kerry and claiming we have 500 days to do something about ‘Climate Chaos’.

Ever notice the common theme behind all these malthusian schemes? Destroy the West!

Of course, if Government were really worried about Global Warming, they would build a couple of geothermal facilities. They would tell car manufactures to start using some of these patents that allow 100 km/per liter gasoline engines. They would give home owners a small subsidy to get some solar power collectors on their roofs.

Instead, they are giving tax breaks to Big Oil.

Scientific consensus? Don’t make me laugh.

99% of biologists promote ‘evolution’, a totally discredited relic of the 19th century.
99% of economists accept the wholly irrelevant ‘time value of money’ as a central tenet.
99% of doctors will tell you you need mustard gas (chemotherapy) if you contract cancer.
99% of archeologists claim the Pyramids were built with endless sources of manpower and rope.
99% of astrono……well, you get the picture.

Scientific consensus is easily manufactured: promote orthodoxy and marginalize and disenfranchize freethinkers. Most professors are just careerists/politicians.

No, ‘Climate Change’ is just another tool to deindustrialize the West, tax the middle class into oblivion and a white wash for more Supranational Government and totalitarian control of people’s lives.

Forget alarmism, there is a simple solution for everything.

Heaven on Earth

It's Ascension Day

It’s Ascension Day

Well……they’re both actually.

We must first learn to live in the Kingdom before we can help manifest it on Earth. The brutality of the human condition is a symptom of insufficient harmony with the Heavens.

And I have high hopes. Because what we are witnessing could well be a prelude to an age of much improved awareness of the One.

In my own life I very much experience it. My awareness of Spirit and slowly learning to live and harmonize with it is certainly growing and the great joy of my life.

I see it all around me too. People have their own personal theory about the whole thing, their own words, and they act on it. It’s not ‘religious’, many are actually vehemently anti-religious.

Both the words and the actions can vary hugely between different people, but the underlying faith in an inner reality does seem the common theme.

This trend has been preceded by another, still ongoing issue: much improved psychological awarenss. The importance of emotions and what they represent. The need to be in contact with our emotions, to heal old trauma, release old pain.

Still much needs to be done, but it’s certainly a hugely important development. Only 150 years ago people thought infants should be left on wooden shelves, even without a blanket, and ignored when crying! High infant mortality rates in Britain were probably mainly caused by this horrible fate awaiting the new born.

With this has come a marked improvement of empathy towards each other. Still life is pretty brutal, of course, but it is a very palpable development.

All this will ultimately most assuredly translate in first a rejection of authoritarianism and next the rebuilding of society through more compassionate and charitable arrangements.

The Spirit

Fruits of the Spirit

Fruits of the Spirit

Without the Spirit, the situation is hopeless. That much is clear.

Who hate Christ the most? The Jews, of course. In the Talmud they explain he’s in hell, boiling in his own excrement.

In the Protocols (the final one) they simply state: ‘we will do away with Christ’. 

In another Protocol they mention Darwin, Marx and Nietzsche as their own. Their common theme? Theories that make God superfluous.

People currently holding atheist views are right of course: religion sucks. But they fall for the same hoax as the believers: the idea that priests, mullahs and vicars represent God.

Obviously, they don’t. Law based religion (the idea that you are saved when you do this or that) is antithetical to the Spirit. That’s the essence of Christ’s ferocious battles with the Pharisees.

Christ, as did the Buddha and Lao Tse, wanted direct interaction between Him (Spirit incarnate) and his Children. You.

If you are in the phase of non-belief, don’t worry.

He still believes in you.

Abe Foxman in the Ukraine

The Jews who starved up to 10 million Ukrainians in the Holodomor telling them to shut their face because it obviously was not as bad as the Holocaust that never happened.

Imagine how those on the receiving end of Abe’s power trip here must feel……..

That’s how sick this world is.

Why Demonize?

Demonizing Pedophilia

Demonizing Pedophilia

I don’t agree at all.

No demonization necessary.

I’m appalled by the fact that the State willfully allows and actually de facto encourages horrendous abuse of pedophiles in American jails.

What is even more shocking, is the mindless bloodlust of the masses, who always cheer these terrible crimes.

When the wave of demonization reaches full force, people will start to say: “oh, it’s not THAT bad”, and the pendulum will swing the other way. This can be used by the adversary to create acceptance. It’s an old Taoist trick: if you want to get rid of something, make it bigger. So if you want to make pedophilia acceptable, demonization is a viable strategy.

Why not just a balanced approach? Pedophiles have serious psychological problems and were often abused themselves. We need to break the vicious cycle. There are no winners, only losers.

I do of course agree that people in places of power should be handled more severely. Power comes with responsibility and its abuse must be guarded against. But for them too, physical integrity in jail is a human right and a societal duty.