Atheism: Primitive.

Atheism cannot solve the problems of religion

Atheism cannot solve the problems of religion

Atheism is the most primitive of belief systems.

It claims ‘science’ and ‘logic’ ‘prove’ God does not exist. A total logical fallacy, as obviously God is not material and science is only interested in, and can only observe material ‘reality’.

God’s existence cannot be proven or disproven via the scientific method. It’s not that people haven’t tried, it’s just logically impossible.

Atheism is therefore inconsistent with its own propositions. And this is why it inspires so little confidence.

It’s usually a reaction to religious┬áhypocrisy and while primitive, for this reason it’s often the strong that flirt with it.

Atheists wrongly claim the moral high ground. Pointing at religion as a cause of war and suggesting atheism would solve this. However, the Soviet Union was openly atheist. Hardly a peace loving role model. Worse: both Capitalism and Marxism are fundamentally materialist ideologies.

Atheists often develop fundamentalist tendencies. Also they will often actively proselytize.

All in all, atheism as a belief system is not sufficient to defeat religion. That’s why Richard Dawkins, who made a career of denying God, recanted and went agnostic: simply not knowing, instead of denying.

This is indeed a reasonable stance. It’s realistic and maintains an open minded attitude.