Market Garden And Bilderberg

This scoundrel is still revered by the Dutch who lived through the war. If only they knew........

This scoundrel is still revered by the Dutch who lived through the war. If only they knew……..

Bilderberg’s silent takeover of Britain’s $ 60 billion defense budget

In this intriguing article, Tony Gosling of establishes a clear link between Montgomery’s Market Garden disaster and the founding of the Bilderberg group in Oosterbeek, near Arnhem, ten years later, in 1954.

It was Bernhard who sent double agent King Kong to warn the Germans and ‘Lord’ Peter Carrington, later chair of the Bilderbergers, halted the Allies’ advance (Market) that could have saved John Frost and his men (Garden), holding Arnhem’s bridge at terrible cost.

I live near Arnhem’s city center, only a few miles from Oosterbeek. The Bilderberg hotel is still there, I actually was there once, to hand out the trophy to the winner of the Dutch Veteran’s Chess Championship.

The war has always fascinated me, the Battle of Arnhem in particular. The old city center was completely demolished and replaced with typically poor post war architecture. It’s a scar that will never go away. It’s still palpable every day.

The massive church in the center was rebuilt with inferior materials and had to be restaurated again in the eighties. That restauration failed too and it needs to be done for a third time now. But there is no money. It all went to the Bankers for their bailouts. The Dutch economy is groaning under austerity.

So did Bernhard come back to Oosterbeek to found Bilderberg like a criminal returning to the place of the crime? Gosling certainly seems to be on to something.