Moving Mountains

This is some pretty impressive stuff, a guy moving around 20 tonnes stone or concrete objects, raising them and puting them on top of each other.

Wally WallingtonĀ has a simple technique by which he moves huge blocks, all alone, 300 feet per hour.

It’s all done with wood and rope. By himself.

He basically shows a way in which Stonehenge could have been built by a hand full of men in a short while.

It reminds a little of Coral Castle, built by the reclusive Edward Leedskalnin. He built a huge project, involving 1,100 tonnes of limestone. His biggest stone was 30 tonnes and he worked completely alone. It took him 28 years to get it all done. He claimed to have known the way the Egyptians built the Pyramids and built Coral Castle to prove it.

Unfortunately he never disclosed his method. Perhaps understandable during life, but why on Earth not leave a note in his will explaining the whole thing? Why take such a treasure to the grave?

Michael Tellinger theorizes it was done with sound frequencies, certain frequencies can lift certain objects, this in fact has been proven in laboratories. Tellinger points at an Australian who boiled water with sound frequencies, theoretically providing ultra cheap energy. This man also died trying to take his secrets with him to the other side.

Be that as it may, there is both a fascination for ancient high tech and modern low tech and even today even the simplest of innovations can move mountains.