Do Homosexuals Die 20 Years Early?

While billions are spent on researching the ins and outs of homosexuality, there is only very limited data about male homosexual life expectancy. The data there is, suggests homosexuals might die 20 years younger than normal men.

There is a study done in Canada 1997. It was done by researchers approving of homo agitation. It concluded that homosexuals die between eight and twenty years younger. Later, the researchers realized their research was being used by Conservatives to point at the problems of homosexuality. They distanced themselves from these conclusions, but confirmed the validity of the data.

Here is another study, focusing on homosexual obituaries. It concluded that the median age of death was not even 50. Life expectancy for an American man is almost 79.

These studies have been denied, obfuscated, ignored, resented. You can find hundreds of articles trying to make them go away.

But there are no studies being done to invalidate the conclusions.

The reason for this is quite clear: they know it’s the truth. Homosexuality is about as good for you as a meth addiction.

The Scientific Dictatorship
The Scientific Dictatorship was an idea by Bertrand Russell. He claimed ‘future rulers’ would use ‘science’ to force their policies on the people. In reality, the Scientific Dictatorship was long operational even in the days of Russell, and the, clearly top down driven, mainstreaming of the homosexual dysfunction is a top example of how it works: the Powerful decide they want this or that, next they hire endless scribes to promote their point of view.

The people suck it up, just as they uncritically and fervently believed other religions in the past.

If you say anything negatively about homosexuals, you’ll immediately receive links to studies showing it’s all normal. If you disagree, you are ‘ignorant’, as you cannot deny ‘science’. When you provide the links about homosexual mortality, they tell you ‘oh, that’s just conservative bogus ‘science”.

Today, billions are invested in homo ‘science’. If you want to find out how black men in South Africa enjoy having anal sex with each other, the Government will give you a few hundred thousand dollars to find out. Endless numbers of books are being published about ‘what homosexuals want’. Bank of America lends clueless kids hundreds of thousands of dollars for ‘queer studies‘ in college.

But the fact that homosexuals die 20 years younger is kept a secret, and very few people are aware.

Homosexuals are not ‘gay’.
Do not submit to their ridiculous Orwellianisms, like calling homosexuals ‘gay’. Gay is a perfectly fine little English word. It means ‘merry’, ‘light hearted’.

Homosexuals are not ‘gay’: while the Scientific Dictatorship goes out of its way to hide the myriad problems with the homosexual life style, close examination of conflicting data clearly shows homosexuals are less happy, less affluent, less healthy than normal people. Both male homosexuals and lesbians face much more domestic violence than heterosexuals. Many of America’s most heinous serial killers were homosexuals.

The homosexual lifestyle is beyond disgusting. The men usually have sex with hundreds of other men during their lifetime. They mostly don’t even know each other’s name. Drug and booze fueled parties involve having everybody jerking off on the dance floor, and next sliding through the disgusting concoction of booze, seamen, and fecal matter.

The morning after, these morons feel guilty and ashamed, and blame their feelings on society for being ‘non-inclusive’.

love is love
‘Love is love’
It’s all sold with ‘love is love’.

But only spiritual and mental midgets think sex has anything to do with ‘love’.

Love is self sacrifice based on truth and compassion.

Sex aims at procreation, and the spiritual union of man and woman.

There can be sex with love. This is the ideal that men and women should strive for.

Homosexuality is antithetical to both: homosexual sex cannot lead to new life. It’s not a function of love either: it’s a matter of addiction and self gratification.

There is no love in lying to homosexuals by saying they’re ‘gay’.

Trying to hide from them what the true implications of their life style choices are, and no, nobody is ‘born that way’, is real hate.

I wouldn’t trust anybody telling me I should just continue smoking ‘if it feels good’.

The point is not to ‘hate’ on homosexuals: everybody has their problems. There is no reason to outlaw them, we’re all sinners. Plenty of ‘christians’ work for the Bank and send their boys to kill for Zion: they’re probably a bigger scourge on society than homosexuals wasting their lives in the dark room.

But homosexuality is a very serious affliction. They die twenty years (!!!!!!) earlier. They are up to three times more likely to try to kill themselves.

It should be relegated to the fringe, only spoken about in polite society with hushed voice.


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